Get Top-Quality Materials for Your Project

Turn to us for custom lumber manufacturing

Need customized scale lumber for your project? Kappler Mill and Lumber has you covered. We offer custom lumber manufacturing services nationwide. We cater to the needs of custom model builders to ensure that you'll get exactly what you require for your project - even if it's not in our regular inventory.

Contact us today to get customized scale lumber and other custom materials.

Who could benefit from our services?

We provide tailored solutions for clients with unique project requirements. You'll want to place a custom order with us if you're:

  • A model builder or enthusiast: Anyone passionate about creating detailed scale models.
  • An educational institution: Schools, colleges or training centers that incorporate model building into their educational programs.
  • An architectural modeler: Professionals or students who require specific materials.
  • A professional model maker: Individuals or businesses involved in model making for exhibitions, displays, or other purposes.

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