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Craft Packs / 099
This lumber is pulled from our production run during the QC stage mostly because it doesn't fall within our +/- .003" tolerance. Excellent for use as lumber loads.      


Modeler Packs
Std. Gauge Ties
NG Ties
KP099SCR Various sizes of scribe 6" x 6" bag $4.95
KP099P8 8" lengths of stripwood 6" x 9" bag $4.95
KP099G 8" & shorter lengths gallon bag $7.95
KP099G-c 8" (same thickness * 0.035" and up)
(thinner will ship in QT bag)
Qt./gal. bag $7.95
KP099P24 24" lengths of various sizes 2" x 24" bag $4.95
KP099P24-c 24" lengths (same thickness *) 2" x 24" bag $4.95
KP099P24-s 24" lengths ( smaller dimensions **) 2" x 24" bag $9.95
* you can specify a certain thickness in either Basswood or pine.
( width will be random )
** Range of thickness from 0.012" to 0.035"
( width will be random )   Limited to stock on hand.

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