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   Mic Greenberg of Champaign, IL

To my family I am loosely referred to as the Great Observer. Although a kind of inside joke the idea does have some merit. In this case it relates to the things I see about me all the time. It has been from a lifetime of observations that I credit some of my modeling skills. I tend to notice things both man made and natural that inspire concepts that I then like to portray in miniature.
Take for instance a couple of major modeling undertakings; Pillar Point Marine Railway or the Pescadero Tank House. Both drew my attention because of observed points that I found of immense interest. With Pillar Point it was the carriers for the boats that I found so compelling ? rails above trenches to achieve the makeshift transfers of the loads. With the Pescadero Tank House it was the proportion of the building and tank that appealed so completely.
I am also drawn to the allure and magic of the scenes of the early Twentieth Century. The mechanical design from this period in machinery and architecture are a continuing source of fascination. I am also drawn to the ingenuity and artistic flavor of homemade pieces that seem to proliferate the landscape from this long ago time.
It was in this trance of discovery that I began my modeling in earnest. Living in Northern California in the late 70s was a boon to the creative juices. And Bob Brown of Gazette fame was only to happy to give a newcomer a chance. So in those heady narrow gauge times I won contests with my 1/4 inch models and was featured in a number of magazine articles. Now 25 plus years later I am returning to this hallowed place (1/4 inch modeling) with a new vigor and excitement. I have had a tremendous response at coming back and feel very privileged to be so received.
At about the time I began building in earnest that ran into a bubbly man of enormous energy and enthusiasm. Frank Kappler was just launching his line of basswood dimensional wood. Just to have access to 1 x 2s in HO which became 1/2 x 1s in 1/4 inch was most liberating and added breadth to all projects in scale. I have praised in my Tip Sheets the need for and the fine tolerances found in the Kappler Wood Line. One thing in this ever-changing world that can be truly counted on.

Pescadero Tank House

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