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BTS Coal Tipple   
For more images visit Dwain's website

Model Size: main structure is 8 x 18 HO scale
This is a coal tipple, the coveyeors bring the coal from the ground, it is broken, and dumped into gondolas, this particular one will be used on the RGS railroad close to the orphir depot and tram, as a newer facility, but remember coal work is dirty, most died by 40 from black lung, so this structure was modeled to be 10 years old in the steam era.
I seldom read instructions, look at the parts and go, but of all the kits I have built, this was the worst. Aside from the basic structure and my knowledge of architecture, I added needed bracing, more stairways were constructed, people working and doing business, so that it looked alive, weathering helps a lot. Adding sound and hiding the speaker was a task. I built conveyors on top of the sealed box, the smoke unit in the power house was a commercial unit that shuts off if the fluid is used up, and is variable speed, of course I had to construct the stack from brass.
Each room has green shade factory lights, I made warning signals with red/green grain of wheat bulbs for warning incoming trains. It is a work of art, but to be honest, the 200 hours it took would be better rewarded financially if I made expressos in a coffee stand. That is the sad reality of today. HO scale is tiny compared to 'o' scale, and takes longer-more eye strain, more attention to detail and when a piece is done, its hard to let go. Its about like being the proverbial shoemaker that had no shoes for himself.

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Cimaron Mine   
For more images visit Dwain's website

Model Size: 19 inches wide overall, the buildings are tiny HO scale
This kit was lacking a lot, I make things real, and lifelike. I added a boiler, engine, ore crusher, ore carts, the roofs come off, the tipple house tilts back.
I made the model look mid 1940's, about 60 years old, and being re-activated. This model is for a customers RGS railroad model. I really like it.
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