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Kappler Mill & Lumber Co. has been a family owned business since Frank Kappler started it in the early '70's

After 25 years as stewards for Kappler,  the current owners are retiring and are looking for qualified replacements to continue the legacy.

Those of you who are interested should be familiar with woodworking, machinery and production techniques.

If you could copy, paste and answer the following questions into an email to us, we will send you a prospectus.

Please, serious inquiries only, thank you.

Send inquiries to: office@kapplerusa.com

These questions will help us to find the best fit for Kappler…


Contact info:

State where Kappler would reside:

Have you owned a business, if so then what type and how long:

Woodworking experience:


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Blackstone Valley RailWay is a kit manufacturer that specializes in the wooden RGS bridges and structures on the Ophir loop.

If you would like information about this business then you can request a prospectus.

Send inquiries to office@kapplerusa.com

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Thank you for your interest.